VBSPU BEd 4th Semester Syllabus

VBSPU BEd 4th Semester Syllabus क्या है? वीर बहादुर सिंह पूर्वांचल यूनिवर्सिटी के b.ed चतुर्थ सेमेस्टर में पहला प्रश्न पत्र 90 अंक का निर्धारित है तथा दूसरे व तीसरे के लिए अपने विद्यालय में पता कर ले कि कौन सा प्रश्न पत्र सभी लोग कर रहे हैं। कुल 6 प्रश्न पत्रों में से किन्ही दो प्रश्न पत्रों को चुनना है नीचे दी गई संबंधित सारणी को देखें।

VBSPU BEd 4th Semester Syllabus
VBSPU BEd 4th Semester Syllabus

VBSPU BEd 4th Semester Syllabus

PaperPaper Nameअंक
401Language across the Curriculum90
402Choose any Two from these
– Health & Physical Education
– Guidance & Counselling
– Human rights Education
– Distance & Open Learning
– Environmental education
– Peace education
100 (50+50)
VBSPU BEd 4th Semester Syllabus

Language across the Curriculum

After taking this course student teachers will be able to understand and appreciate the role of language not only as a vehicle of communication in the day-to-day transactions but also as an important medium for interpreting knowledge in various contexts- family, peer groups, school sites and community-linked interactions. It also aims at developing an insight into the use of language in personal as well as academic and professional contexts.

Unit 1

Knowledge and Methods of Enquiry –
• Knowledge as construction of experience; case examples from school subjects.
• Knowledge as distinct from information; case examples from school subjects.
• Language, social relations, power, identity and thinking.
• Connections between knowledge, curriculum, textbooks, knowledge and learners.

VBSPU BEd 4th Semester Syllabus

Unit 2

Learner and their Contexts-
• Alternative frameworks of children‘s thinking.
• Child and adult misconceptions.
• Everyday concepts and situated cognition.

VBSPU BEd 4th Semester Syllabus

Unit 3

Pedagogic Practice and the Process of Learning-
• Critical understanding of standardised pedagogic methods: concept-formation; enquiry- based learning; project-based learning etc
• Interrogating disciplinary practices, creating non-threatening learning environments.

Unit 4

Critical Study of ICTs and Developing Capacities-
• Critical examination of the role of ICT in education and society.
• Capacity development in the use of ICTs.
• ICT – based teaching-learning approaches in schools and for teacher professional development. Mode of Transaction.
• Analysis of school text books to construct and discuss nature and types of knowledge and pedagogic elements.

VBSPU BEd 4th Semester Syllabus

Optional Paper

Health & Physical Education

explain the concept, aims, and objectives of Health and Physical Education. Describe the hygienic environment along with contributing factors and its importance explain various Communicable diseases and first aid. Demonstrate ability to describe a balanced diet. Explain good posture. Define the general medical standard of an individual.

Guidance & Counselling

To understand the concept of Guidance and Counselling. To assess the strength and learning difficulties of students. To help students in selecting their subjects for future study. To collect data using various tools like case studies, achievement tests, etc. To understand and apply the techniques of Guidance and Counselling.

Human rights Education

  • Describe various human rights.
  • Classify human rights. Illustrate human rights commissions. list the domains of human rights.
  • Explain constitutional and institutional safeguards.
  • State problems of Refugees. Define UN Principles in association with human rights.

Distance & Open Learning

Recall and explain the concept, scope, and applications of Distance Education. Describe the history and future of distance education. Explain in your own words the factors involving Distance Education. Identify the steps for the preparation of self Instructional materials- SIM or self-learning materials (SLM). Define the role of mass media in distance education.

Environmental education

To enable the student teacher to understand the concept of environmental education. To develop in the student-teacher a sense of awareness about environmental pollution and possible hazards and its causes and remedies. VBSPU BEd 4th Semester Syllabus is here.

To develop a sense of responsibility towards the conservation of the environment, bio-diversity, and sustainable development. To develop a reasonable understanding of the role of school and education in fostering the idea of learning to live in harmony with nature. To enable the students to understand the various measures available to conserve the environment for sustainable development.

Peace education

Understand peace and peace education based on constitutional values. Understand for reflection the attitudes that generate conflicts at personal and social levels. Understand learning skills and strategies for resolving these conflicts.

To focus on strengthing self by continual reflection leading to a reduction in stereotypes. Understand creation, nurture and promote peace-building capabilities among students. Understand the influence of media and the local community by influencing parents, families, and children.

To develop attitude and skills for resolving conflicts in a creative manner and reflect on school, curricula, textbooks, and pedagogical processes from a peace perspective.


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